hire [{{t}}'haɪə(r)]
1 noun
(a) {{}}British{{}} (of car, room, suit etc) location f;
for hire (sign) à louer; (taxi) libre;
it's out on hire il a été loué
(b) (cost → of car, boat etc) (prix m de) location f; (→ of worker) paye f
(c) (of labour) embauche f; (of servant) louage m
2 transitive verb
(a) {{}}British{{}} (car, room, suit etc) louer;
to hire sb's services employer les services de qn;
to hire sth from sb louer qch à qn
(b) (staff) engager; (labourer) embaucher, engager; (lawyer, private detective etc) s'assurer les services de, engager;
hired killer or assassin tueur m à gages
3 intransitive verb
engager du personnel, embaucher (des ouvriers);
the personnel manager has the power to hire and fire le chef du personnel a tous droits d'embauche et de renvoi
►► {{}}British{{}} hire car voiture f de location;
hire charges (frais mpl or prix m de) location f;
{{}}American{{}} hired gun (killer) tueur m à gages; (troubleshooter) expert m (appelé en cas de crise);
hired hand (on farm) ouvrier(ère) m,f agricole; (employee) employé(e) m,f;
hired help (for housework) aide f ménagère;
{{}}British{{}} {{}}Commerce{{}} hire purchase location-vente f, vente f à tempérament;
to buy or to get sth on hire purchase acheter qch en location-vente;
I don't own it, it's on hire purchase ce n'est pas encore à moi, je l'achète en location-vente;
hire purchase agreement contrat m de location-vente;
hire purchase goods biens mpl achetés en location-vente ou à tempérament
hire on intransitive verb
{{}}American{{}} (take a job) prendre un emploi
hire out separable transitive verb
{{}}British{{}} (car, room, suit etc) louer, donner en location;
to hire out one's services offrir ou proposer ses services;
to hire oneself out se faire engager; (labourer) se faire engager ou embaucher

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